Launceston City Ghost Tours

Launceston, TAS, 7250

Launceston Tasmania has a deep and dark convict past. A past with violent and torturous deaths, and deaths caused by heartache and pain. Petty thieves, rapists, murderers and ill-treated servants and slaves used to roam the streets, buildings, and churches of Launceston.

Launceston City Ghost Tours are 90 minute easy walking tours into the ghostly past of Launceston, Tasmania. You will discover the dark side of this early nineteenth-century settlement on the evening tour and hear the stories about unexplained ghostly shapes that float in some of the city’s buildings. You will be taken into the heart of Australia's third oldest city and see some of Australia's finest collections of Victorian, Edwardian and Art Deco architecture.

We offer three Ghost Tours:

  • Adult Tours
  • Children's Tours and Birthday Parties
  • Educational Tours

Our guides are a wealth of knowledge, and skilled at adapting the thrilling stories to suit the ages of people on each tour. Our tours are a wonderful way of learning about the history of Launceston Tasmania, in a way that brings those old stories to life.

We also offer a 90 minute guided Yesteryear Tour, focusing on the old wharves of Launceston, and includes City Park, City Park Radio Museum, the new and old Customs House, Boags Famous Brewery, and the Coffin Room.

Here's one of our testimonials:

"Hi guys, Here are a couple of pics to add to your collection. Didn't think I caught anything till I downloaded them. One has a ghostly image on top right of house, the other is of the statue and there appears to be a blue cross on top right - this may be from a church but I don't remember seeing one. Also Eileen felt her hair being tugged at the last place - she thought it was me but turned around to find I was not there ... weird."

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