Bright Berry Farms

Porepunkah, VIC, 3740

Bright Berry Farms was originally established by owners Colin and Lorraine Leita to produce first quality berries, jams and syrups, which were difficult to find. Remembering as a child the jams, syrups and fruit just tasted so good, Colin and Lorraine found new jams and syrups they purchased had little flavour and tasted over-sweet. Hence they decided to bring back the flavour by producing their own! The first raspberries were planted on the farm in 1993 and original plantings were less than an acre. Since then the farm has grown to the size it is today, consisting of 20 acres of berries, eight acres of vineyard, five acres of cherries and three acres of mixed produce (nuts, apples, figs). In the early days the farm was open for people to come and pick their own berries. This activity has since been replaced by buying pre-picked berries, ice-creams, sorbets and sitting under the trees, enjoying the famous Bright Berry Farms Berry Cup! The Mt Buffalo Vineyard label was incorporated into Bright Berry Farms in 1997 and produces cool-climate reds, some of which have been highly-rated by Australian wine critics. They believe they are now producing fruit and products that taste like they are supposed to taste. They work very hard at maintaining high-quality standards across their product range and encourage people to sample their products to see for themselves.

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