Barton Jones Wines

Donnybrook, WA, 6239

The vines at Barton Jones Wines are some of the oldest vines in the Geographe wine region, being planted in 1978. The maturity of the vines is one aspect which plays an important role in the exceptional fruit quality that underpins the production of premium wines. Geographe has a long history of grape growing and more recently became an official wine appellation in 1999. It's a young, vibrant wine region now emerging as one of Australia's most exciting wine making areas. The 56 acre property includes plantings of cabernet sauvignon, shiraz, semillon and chenin blanc, all well suited to the region's climate and the well drained ironstone gravel soils which produce regionally expressive wine styles. Barton Jones Wines produce two distinct wine styles. The Barton Jones Premium Series; sold at cellar door and key restaurants around the South-West and Perth, and the Cellar Series which is available at selected South-West and Perth retail outlets. The Barton Jones Wines cellar door reflects Jackie and Adrian's desire to create a special space to showcase the wine region's produce, art and culture and demonstrating their commitment to sustainability through the construction of a stunning architecturally designed strawbale building.
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